BERG UND TAL ALWAYS CRASHING CULTIVATION, VEGETATION TREES & CITIES HEAVENS & HORIZONS CONTENT TRAKL WORKS RESIN, MOULD ON WOOD WORKS ON PAPER BODYPOP LE PROJÉT DU TUPPER   blickindenhimmel slush (80x100) stormy weather the trick is to keep breathing the trick is to keep breathing (dinosaur) keep dancing wash hands often Mask Am I missing someting? Mask Am I missing someting Dinosaur Junior (2021) 30x40 cm Where are we now? (2021) 100x140 cm Tempest (2020) 150x210 cm Dead poet (2021) 80x100 cm connecting stops collapsing (2021) 30 x30 cm copyright SILVIA SUN 2022 Please click to enlarge paintings 2019/20/21 DRIVE SAFELY, DARLING