SILVIA SUN is a Linz based Austrian artist.

Positioned at the interface between pop and art, quotes from media reports, lyrics and poems flow into the works; co-operations with musicians have resulted from this. Her art reflects the present state of the world, which seems "out of joint" to us, as it did in Shakespeare's time.The paintings are inhabited by an almost unbearable state of extreme tension, which contrasts with the longing for silence and the desire for a peaceful being in and with nature and the world.

Sun looks in her works at skies, horizons, windows and facades; on stranded, seekers and animals. She also directs the gaze downwards, to cracks, crevices, hidden and overlooked things, to the literal ground of the fact. Silvia Sun's works are both every day and heavenly.

To make it short: pop meeting nature is the red line running through Silvia Sun's art.

Silvia Sun is concerned with the position of the individual in society as well as with the contact and relationship points of man with nature.

Quotes from media reports, lyrics and poems flow into the works; Cooperations with musicians also resulted from this.
Silvia Sun's approach to painting often uses non-conventional tools. She experiments with different techniques and utilizes various materials to achieve the desired effect. She enjoys working with oil, markers, chalk, ink, preserving jars, popcorn, jumble sale findings and even mould. She balances contrasting colours and materials, movement, energy and music in her work.

"Western civilization literally cleared its space in the midst of forests. A sylvan fringe of darkness defined the limits of its cultivation. However, although the trees had to recede more and more, they have not lost their fascination in the people's feelings and thinking."
Robert Pogue Harrison: Forests.

Reisen, Spaziergänge, Wanderungen dienen als Inspiration für die Werke, die unter Anhörung von Musik im Atelier entstehen und zu emotionalen Phantasielandschaftsbildern führen, auf denen Palmen, Baumwipfeln, Himmel und Wälder zu sehen sind, in denen Adler ihre Flügel ausbreiten und sich zwischen biederen Tirolerhäuschen, glatten Hochhausfassaden und Containern verwirrte Kühe, Saurier, Wölfe und Achselhaare tummeln. Die Arbeiten bewegen sich im Spannungsfeld zwischen Kultur und Natur. "Die menschliche Zivilisation rodete sich ihren Raum inmitten unermeßlicher Urwälder. Und dennoch: obwohl der Wald immer weiter zurückweichen mußte, hat der Wald im Fühlen und Denken der Menschen nichts von seiner Faszination verloren."Robert Pogue Harrison: Wälder.

PRESS-ARTICLE: Sparkling visual worlds crash out of dense undergrowth

The exhibition of Upper Austrian artist Silvia Sun at Thiele Gallery in Linz is well worth seeing.
A bird has picked up a homunculus. Just like the doomed earthworm he is dithering in it’s pecker. „Is not controllable“, one can read in the avian’s speech bubble. “By humans”, complements a belling deer.
And a spectator who precisely surveys the avian tableau „The Great Escape“, one of artist Silvia Sun’s paintings that are currently shown at the Thiele Gallery in Linz, is able to discover a further curiosity.
Characters defining “Not sold yet” and an arrow refer to a glaring red dot which is placed in the
painting’s right bottom corner, as a simple formal element with regards to content.

Apropos: it is no wonder that those typical red points of sale are accumulating even before the actual vernissage. In Silvia Sun’s visual world powerful colors and drawings, satire, ecologically competent ambiguity, poetry, pop-quotations and tough as nails statements are unified to a convincing ensemble.
Expressionism meets concreteness, exuberant visual narration encounters atmosphere. Every leaf and each branch condense to “undergrowth”, to brakes and brushes, which is most notably seasoned with botanical impressions from Costa Rica. In response to the OÖN-question what she regards as most important in her work, the artist, also a graduated Historian, replies: “To transport the tension between
nature and civilization”.

From the mighty „Traumstein“ with its primeval saurian and swan in oil and edding on canvas, to all over printed miniatures with containter facades: Silvia Sun’s work blasts an abundance of association in our minds that heartily light even the longest fuse.

Exhibition Silvia Sun: Galerie Thiele, bis 20. Mai 2013

(Tranlsated press-Article by Irene Gunnesch, OÖNachrichten, 26.04.2013, Translation: silvia sun)